Contractor Orientation Demo

To begin, click on the Begin Demo button. A fictious company, its vendors, the vendors employees and some training history will be generated for you to explore.

In the demo:

  • you work for The Company depicted in the graphic
  • you are responsible for Contractor Orientation
  • you have an upcoming scheduled shutdown

The Company must hire contractors, or Vendors, to work the shutdown. The Vendor's Employees must receive Contractor Orientation training before they can work on the job-site.

The Company has a Train Your Contractors™ based website to deliver contractor orientation training to the Vendors. This saves time and money and gives The Company and its Vendors realtime training status.

This demo allows access to all 3 levels of the Contractor Training Management System:

  • the Company
  • the Vendor
  • the Employee

Of course, this is only one scenerio of many. The Train your Contractors™ Training Management System can be used anywhere you have a training need. If your training needs are on a smaller scale, why not check out our Train Your Crew sister site. Same great features for those on a budget.

The information displayed in this demonstration is randomly generated and fictitious. Any similarity to any companies or persons, past or present, is purely coincidental.


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